2021-22 Communications & Resources

August 20, 2021

 Hello TFS parents and faculty/staff,

I appreciate your patience the last few days as we returned to our “normal” car pool procedures.  As a reminder, we are going back to the regular afternoon “three car pool” model.  Here’s a summary, but please read the attached Car Pool Document pulled from the Community Handbook.:


  • Car Pool A is for K/1st and starts at 2:35.  Please arrive no earlier than 2:10 as you enter the normal CHURCH entrance and line up along the right side of the driveway.  At 2:15 we will drop the rope, and cars will move along the covered walkway to the next rope about 2/3 of the way down by Thea. We may have a second line that lines up next to the first line depending on traffic. Please pay attention to faculty/staff direction.
  • Car Pool B is in the parking lot at TFS for K-4th grades, please enter ONLY through normal CHURCH entrance and pull in through the second (back) entrance on the right of the church lot into the TFS lot.  The horn blows at 2:50 so arrive to be parked by 2:45PM. Please pay attention to faculty/staff direction.

  • Car Pool C is in the parking lot at TFS, and is for MS and remaining younger students.  Cars should arrive starting at 2:45 and should enter from the field entrance ONLY. Cars will be directed by staff as you enter. The horn blows at 3:10 so please arrive to be parked by 3:05PM at the latest. Please pay attention to faculty/staff direction.

  • As an aside, our MS athletics program starts next Monday and we expect reduced traffic during the afternoons.


  • In the morning in the TFS lot, K-5th drops off along the covered walkway.  Cars should be entering along St. Francis Dr. by the TFS fields. 

  • 6-8th grades AND younger siblings drop off at the Siena end of the covered walkway by entering through the Church entrance.

  • The first car in the k-5th drop-off should please stop at the “corner” of the covered walkway where Thea starts.  That way people can exit from the parking spaces and integrate into the flow of exiting traffic.

  • Please make sure your student is ready to exit from the car as you pull into the lot (Masked, has water bottle, has lunch, has backpack, etc.).  If there is an issue, please park in a parking spot in our TFS lot, get things sorted out, and walk student in to school.

  • Please do not enter the TFS parking lot FROM the Church lot in the mornings!

I have attached the car pool procedures document, the latest edit of the Community Handbook, which contains the car pool information, and the Academic Plan for this year with COVID, which some have asked for again. I know this is a lot of information, but it is all important. As always, we will alter our protocols as needed to ensure efficiency and safety, and those will be communicated in a timely manner.

Thank you for your patience as we work on our third different structural plan in as many years.  We are all excited to be back, tired of the lack of “normal”, and ready to make this a great year; we appreciate all your help in making that happen!


Mike Watson