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Bridges Faculty & Staff Profiles

Joey Bradshaw, Head of Bridges
BS, Appalachian State University
Appointed: 2009

Marie Leone, Early Morning Care
Appointed: 2000

Valerie Bass, Bridges Staff
BA, Elementary Education & Psychology, Elmira College
Appointed: 2006

Faryn Cloey, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2014

Gale Cone, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2006

Michael Finch, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2012

Lynn Kern, Bridges Staff
BA, Physical Education, Indiana State University
Appointed: 2012

Sarah Marchi, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2009

Rebecca McKinney, Bridges Staff
Asheville Buncombe Technical Institute
Appointed:  2006

Erika Parquet, Bridges Staff
BA, Meredith College
Appointed:  2013

Alex Rommel, Bridges Staff
Appointed:  2013

Sandy Simone, Bridges Staff
Appointed:  2013


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