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Code of Conduct

Adult members of The Franciscan School community, Faculty, parents, and volunteers alike, are expected to be role models whose actions consistently reflect the Christian values of our school. Our goal is to create and maintain a positive, cooperative atmosphere within the school community. The Franciscan School adults are expected to honor the following guidelines: 

To be committed to the education and spiritual development of all members of our faith community
To be cooperative and committed to school goals
To be respectful and self-disciplined
To treat each other honestly and politely, respecting the diversity of people and opinions
To seek peaceful resolution of disputes when conflict arises

The Code of Conduct is a guide for TFS student Christian behavior, as well. Its purpose is to create a respectful atmosphere to ensure a safe learning environment. The discipline policy encourages our students to take responsibility for their own education, as well as their actions. In all disciplinary situations, students are reminded that personal decisions and actions have consequences. The following may be used for handling inappropriate behavior:
Teacher or staff intervention
Written or telephone communication with parents/guardians
Parent/teacher conference
Involvement of school administration
Parent, teacher, administration, and / or Pastor conference
Disciplinary action, including suspension and/or required withdrawal from school.

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