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School Counseling

The school has a licensed counselor as a member of its professional staff. Counseling is available for students and families if and when the student is experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic struggles at school. 

TFS is committed to ensuring that all admitted students succeed.  In the event that a learning style difference is identified through a psycho-educational evaluation by a licensed psychologist, TFS will make reasonable accommodations for the student.  However, TFS neither modifies its academic requirements nor alters its general course of study to meet special educational needs.  A list of the reasonable accommodations that TFS may be able offer is available for review from our School Counselor.  For additional information on testing for possible learning style differences, parents should contact the School Counselor.

The TFS administrative team and teachers will collaborate with the parents/guardians of the students with identified special needs.  If a student cannot be accommodated within the school program, every effort is to be made to help with placement in another school program beyond TFS.

TFS maintains professional working relationships with, and makes referrals to, a number of psychologists, psychological services, tutors, and learning specialists.

To request the service of the TFS Counselor, Laureen Wacenske, please contact the school office at 919-847-8205 ext. 255.  Mrs. Wacenske can also be reached via e-mail at laureen.wacenske@stfrancisraleigh.org.

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