Faculty and Staff


LeAnne Allen, 5-8 Instructional Support
Certifications:  Learning Disabilities K-12
BS, Special Education, Pembroke State University
M.Ed., Learning Disabilities, UNC-Chapel Hill
Appointed:  2010

Matthew Barbee, Music
B.A. in Music Performance, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
M.M. in Percussion Performance, ECU
Appointed:  2015

Ryan Burdett, Music
Attended Appalachian State University
Completing a Bachelor of Music Degree
Appointed:  2016

Dan Burns, 5-8 Physical Education
Certification:  Physical Education K-12
BS, St. Bonaventure University
Appointed: 2010

Maureen Cesari, K-2 Art
BFA – Graphic Design, East Carolina University
Appointed: 2015

Martina Coates, Media Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Degree, University of Munich
Appointed:  2011

Kayla Dellinger, Technology Coordinator
BS, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Appointed: 2005

Chris Elliott, K-4 Physical Education
Certification: Physical Education K-12
BA, NC State University
M.Ed., University of Georgia
Appointed: 2000

Kayla Kaeding, 3-8 Art
BFA, University of Georgia
Appointed: 2015

Beatriz Jimenez, K-4 Spanish
Certifications:  Spanish K-12
BS, BA, MA University of Cincinnati, OH
Appointed:  2013

Celina Manville, Learning Resource Specialist, K-4
Certifications:  Specialty in Specific Learning Disabilities
Bachelors in Elementary Education,
Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, OH
Appointed:  2015

Nancy Slone, Physical Education
BA, Auburn University
BS, University of West Florida
Appointed: 2016

Eva Socko, Media Specialist
Certification: Media
BSBA, University of Phoenix
MLS, East Carolina University
Appointed: 2005

Joey Bradshaw, Head of Bridges
BS, Appalachian State University
Appointed: 2009

Marie Leone, Early Morning Care
Appointed: 2000

Valerie Bass, Bridges Staff
BA, Elementary Education & Psychology, Elmira College
Appointed: 2006

Faryn Cloey, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2014

Marie Kaczynski, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2016

Lynn Kern, Bridges Staff
BA, Physical Education, Indiana State University
Appointed: 2012

Sarah Marchi, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2009

Rebecca McKinney, Bridges Staff 
Asheville Buncombe Technical Institute
Appointed:  2006

Erika Parquet, Bridges Staff
BA, Meredith College
Appointed:  2013

Alex Rommel, Bridges Staff
Appointed:  2013

Sandy Simone, Bridges Staff
Appointed:  2013

Kelsey Socko, Bridges Staff
Appointed:  2016

Kelly Turner, Bridges Staff
BA, Union University
Appointed:  2015

Ann Waddle, Bridges Staff
Appointed: 2016

Barbara Dobner, Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Certification:  K-9 Elementary Education
Basic Catechist Diocese of Raleigh
BS, University of Illinois
Appointed: 2008

Laura Jerden, Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Journalism, University of Missouri
Elementary Ed licensure, Barton College
Appointed:  2015

Julie Sperrazza, Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Certifications:  K-6 Elementary Education,
English 9-12
Remedial Reading and Language Arts K-12
Middle Grades Language Arts 6-12
BS, Psychology, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
MAT, Sacred Heart University
6th Year degree in Reading, Sacred Heart University
Appointed:  2012

Mary Feeley, Kindergarten ITA
BA, Belmont Abbey College
MS, Fordham University
Appointed: 2006

Denise Rinderer, Kindergarten ITA
Appointed: 2016

Jennifer Ziobrowski, Kindergarten ITA
BS International Business, SUNY Plattsburgh
Appointed: 2013

Sue Burdett, 1st Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education, K-12 Reading Certificate
BS, East Carolina University
Appointed: 2000

Jamie Kirchhoff, 1st Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education, K-12 Special Education
BA, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
MA, North Carolina State University
Appointed: 2006

Stephanie Garcia, 1st Grade ITA
Appointed: 2014

Vanda Setia, 1st Grade ITA
Appointed: 2015

Frances Franks, 2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: Level 2 PA, K-6 Elementary/Early Childhood Education
BS, Kutztown University
Appointed: 2006

Carol Lyles, 2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education
BA, SUNY College at Potsdam
MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Appointed: 2002

Megan McSwiney, 2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education,
Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh
BA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
M.Ed., North Carolina State University
Appointed:   2006

Ben Burnette  2nd Grade ITA
BA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Appointed:  2017

Karin Ruiz, 2nd Grade ITA
Certification:  Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh
BA, Lehman College (CUNY)
Appointed: 2009

Teresa Walsh, 2nd Grade ITA
Certification:  Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh
Appointed: 2006

Marcy Henehan, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Certification:  Elementary Ed, K-6
BA, Aquinas College
M.Ed., Grand Valley State University
Appointed:  2009

Kate LaPorte, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Certifications:  K-6 Elementary Education,
Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh

BS, East Carolina University
Appointed: 2005

Cristina Leone, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education
BS, C.W. Post, Long Island University
Appointed: 2000

Lisa Cardello-Price, 3rd Grade ITA
B.S.   Ohio University
M.S.  Strayer University
Appointed: 2013

Grace Gates, 3rd Grade ITA
BA, University of Pittsburgh
Appointed:  2001

Kathy Laskey, 3rd Grade ITA
Appointed: 2017

Alicia Comeskey, 4th Grade Lead Teacher
BA, University of Buffalo
Appointed:  2007

Madyson Figlo, 4th Grade Lead Teacher
BA, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Appointed:  2017

Ann Giannini, 4th Grade Lead Teacher
Certifications:  Elementary Education K-5
Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh
BA, Purdue
MA, Webster University
Appointed:  2007

Theresa Guntow, 4th Grade ITA
Appointed:  2007

Diana Velosa, 4th and 5th Grade ITA
Appointed:  2012

Lori Giannaccini, 5th Grade Lead Teacher
Appointed:  2017

Stacey Kababik, 5th Grade Lead Teacher
Certification: K-6 Elementary Education
BA, Saint Michael’s College
MA, Eastern Nazarene College
Appointed: 2005

Nancy Slone, 5th Grade Lead Teacher
BA, Auburn University
BS, University of West Florida
Appointed: 2016

Cheryl Stevens, 5th Grade Lead Teacher
Certification:  K-6 Elementary
BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Appointed:  2000

Rose Rapp, 5th Grade ITA
BS, Manhattan University, NY, NY
Appointed:  2012

Diana Velosa, 4th and 5th Grade ITA
Appointed:  2012

Judy Bennett, Social Studies Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications: K-12 Librarian/Media Coordinator and
9-12 Social Studies
BA, Goucher College
MLS, University of Hawaii
Appointed: 2005

Michael Braga, Social Studies Teacher, Grade 7
Certifications: Language Arts, Secondary History, Secondary Social Studies, Middle School Language Arts
BS History and Secondary Education, Appalachian State University
Appointed: 2013

Kristen Dellasega, Language Arts, Grade 7
Certifications:  Middle Grades Education, Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh
BA, Science & Language Arts, East Carolina University
Appointed:  2013

Joanne Finch, Religion, Grades 7 & 8
Certifications:  Basic Catechist ,
Appointed: 2008

Audrey Harrington, Science Teacher, Grade 7
Certification:  K-12
BS St. John’s University
MS St. John’s University
Appointed:  2010

Donna Hennesen, Science Teacher, Grade 6
BS Biology and Chemistry, State University New York at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY
M.Ed. Secondary Science, State University New York at Potsdam, Potsdam, NY
Appointed:  2016

Tom Harmon, Math Teacher, Grade 6
Appointed:  2017

Carolyn Moser, Science Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications: Middle School Math, LA, Social Studies, Science;
NC Environmental Certification; and
Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescence Science
BS, Appalachian State University
Appointed:  2005

Kathryn Nystrom, Social Studies Teacher, Grade 6
BA, University of North Carolina; Master of Arts, University of North Carolina
Appointed:  2016

Lisa Steele, Spanish Teacher, Grades 5 & 6
Certifications: K-12 Spanish and English as a Second Language
BA, North Carolina State University
Appointed:  2006

Linda Sullivan, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications:  6-12 English and K-12 Academically Gifted
BA  University of California, Santa Barbara
M.Ed.,  University of Kentucky
Appointed:   2007

Shawn Tenace, Religion Teacher, Grade 6
BS  Campbell University
M.Ed.,  University of Virginia
Appointed:   2015

Patsy Thieken, Math Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Certification:  Basic Catechist – Diocese of Raleigh,
Middle Grades Math
BS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
MBA Duke University
Appointed:  2008

Jules Weber, Spanish Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Auburn University, Concentration in Spanish
Master’s Degree, Middle Grades Education
Appointed: 2015

Megan Winter, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 6
BA, Mary Washington College
Appointed: 2017

Claire Wittmeier, Math Teacher, Grade 7
BA, LeMoyne University
Appointed:  2013

Characteristics of a Catholic School Teacher

Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.
Matthew 19:14

A person responding to the ministry call to teach in a Catholic school…has multiple roles within the classroom and school community. The teacher serves as a Christian role model, catechist, instructor and counselor. A teacher in the Catholic school…strives to integrate academic instruction, life experience and prayer in his/her own faith life and in those of the students. Therefore, a teacher must be open to:

Growing in faith and understanding of the Church and facilitating the growth of faith and understanding in the lives of students
Being a person of prayer who endeavors to develop a sense of prayer within the students and school community
Fostering a community among the students, parish and staff, characterized by participation in the sacramental life of the Church, discussion and cooperation as citizens of the world and expressed through service and social action for peace and justice within the school and extended community

These “Characteristics” are reproduced from Section 4302 of the Diocesan Administrator’s Handbook.

Certification and Licensing

A classroom teacher in the Diocese of Raleigh is required to be licensed, or in the process of being licensed, by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  Teachers with less than three years of verifiable experience must participate in the Initial Licensing Process (ILP) coordinated by the Catholic Schools Office ILT coordinator.

In maintaining a continuing license, all teachers are required to follow the guidelines of The Diocese of Raleigh License Plan (Appendix/Licensure Renewal), approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  The Catholic Schools Office facilitates the licensure process.