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Middle School Faculty & Staff Profiles

Lisa Anthony, Spanish Teacher, Grades 5 & 6 
Certifications: K-12 Spanish and English as a Second Language
BA, North Carolina State University
Appointed:  2006

Matthew Arnold, Global Studies Teacher, Grade 7
Certifications:  Social Sciences and English, San Francisco State University  
BA, San Francisco Conservatory
Appointed: 2012

Judy Bennett, Social Studies Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications: K-12 Librarian/Media Coordinator and
                     9-12 Social Studies
BA, Goucher College 
MLS, University of Hawaii
Appointed: 2005

Michael Braga, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 7
BA, Appalachian State University
Appointed: 2013

Chris Cadran, Math Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Certification: Middle School Math Education
BS, Western Carolina University
Appointed: 2005

Kelly Canning, Religion Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Certification:  K-6 Elementary Education
BS, Eastern Illinois University
Appointed:  2012

Stephanie Damico, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 6
BA, Bowling Green State University
Appointed: 2013

Kristen Dellasega, Religion & Community Building, Grade 6
Certifications:  Middle Grades Education,
                           Basic Catechist - Diocese of Raleigh
BA, Science & Language Arts, East Carolina University
Appointed:  2013

Nancy Evans, Social Studies Teacher, Grade 6; Athletic Director
Certification:  4-8 Generalist, 9-12 Social Studies, K-12 Special Ed
B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University, Narcogdoches, TX
Appointed: 2012

Audrey Harrington, Science Teacher, Grade 7
Certification:  K-12
BS St. John's University
MS St. John's University
Appointed:  2010

Michelle Malach, Science Teacher, Grade 6
BA, Colby College
MS, SUNY Brockport
Appointed:  2010

Carolyn Moser, Science Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications: Middle School Math, LA, Social Studies, Science;
      NC Environmental Certification; and
      Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescence Science
BS, Appalachian State University
Appointed:  2005

Linda Sullivan, Language Arts Teacher, Grade 8
Certifications:  6-12 English and K-12 Academically Gifted
BA  University of California, Santa Barbara
M.Ed.,  University of Kentucky
Appointed:   2007

Patsy Thieken, Math Teacher, Grade 6
Certification:  Basic Catechist - Diocese of Raleigh,
                    Middle Grades Math
BS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
MBA Duke University
Appointed:  2008

Jules Weber, Spanish Teacher, Grades 7 & 8
Auburn University, Concentration in Spanish
Master's Degree, Middle Grades Education
Appointed: 2015

Claire Wittmeier, Math Teacher, Grade 7
BA, LeMoyne University
Appointed:  2013



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