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Health Services

TFS cooperates with the North Carolina Health Department and local health agencies to help promote a comprehensive school health care program.

Primary prevention activities related to health promotion include:


Assured immunization compliance
Initiate fluoride mouth rinse programs
Provide students, families, and school personnel information regarding health hazards
Coordinate health promotion activities that raise awareness and encourage healthy lifestyles
Participate in health education activities that promote wellness and positive health behaviors

School health services are identified as those activities that affect the physical and emotional well being of students.  TFS has a school health plan that ensures basic student health is addressed and facilitates the provision of the mandated activities identified by the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resource to include:

Kindergarten health assessments
Communicable disease control, including immunizations
Report of child abuse and neglect

Immunization Requirements

Students may not attend TFS without presenting a certificate of immunization signed by a physician.  If a certificate is not presented on the child's first day of attendance, written notice is given to the parent/guardian, who has 30 calendar days from the child's first day of attendance to show proof of the required immunizations.

If more time than 30 days is needed to receive the required vaccines at medically-approved intervals, a physician or local health department must provide a written statement attesting to this need and stating the clinic appointment dates when remaining doses will be administered.  Upon termination of 30 calendar days or the extended period, the Principal will not permit a child to attend school unless he/she is immunized.



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