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Probation, Suspension, and Expulsion

Following the infraction of a major school rule, a student may be placed on probation. Probation suggests that a student’s place in school is in jeopardy and that the infraction of another major school rule during the probationary period will in all likelihood result in his or her suspension or expulsion (required withdrawal) from TFS. 

While suspension and expulsion are not desirable outcomes of the discipline process, they are within the jurisdiction of the Principal.  In situations involving repeated violations of TFS rules, continued disruptive behavior, or serious academic problems that TFS believes it is ill-equipped or ill-staffed to meet, or if at any time a student's influence is regarded as destructive, TFS reserves the right to suspend or expel.  This shall be done only following a conference with the student and with the student's parents/guardians. 

The Pastor will be notified prior to such disciplinary action and will help to arrange counseling for the student and/or parents/guardians.  Notice of suspension or expulsion and a summary of the events that led to the decision will be sent to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools no later than the day following the disciplinary acton taken.

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