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Rules, Regulations, and Expectations

Rules and regulations across the school, particularly for Grades 6-8, have been carefully developed so that our students are aware that their decisions and actions have consequences, both positive and negative. Students must think before acting, and they are asked to contribute positively to the TFS and St. Francis community both on campus and off through their words and actions. 

Minor and Major Rules and Consequences of Infractions

Minor Rules largely comprise common grace and courtesy for others and the school environment, and they are driven by social expectations that promote TFS as a civil community. Minor Rules include:  


Tardiness to class or other school appointments
Violations of Dress Code
Inattentive and/or disruptive classroom behavior
Pushing or shoving another student
Running or shouting in the building
Improper use of electronic devices
Violation of safety rules
Eating or drinking outside the dining hall
Chewing gum


 The process for consequences for infractions of Minor Rules: 


The Student is given one warning and then a second warning.
After a third warning, the infraction is recorded on the Discipline Notice by the assigning Teacher, which is to be signed and returned by the parent.
After an accumulation of Discipline Notices, the student may incur Lunch Detention.
The parent will be notified of Lunch Detention via a notice.
At this time, the Teacher may call for a Parent/Teacher/Student conference.
In the case of repeated Lunch Detentions, a conference with the Assistant Principal, Teacher, Student and Parent will be held to formulate a plan for improving student behavior.


Major Rules relate to more serious offenses and may call a student’s place in school. Major Rules include: 


Disrespect to a student, teacher or staff member, including vulgar, degrading, or disrespectful language
Chronic disruptive behavior
Chronic Minor Rule infractions
Academic Dishonesty
Possession of weapons or weapons-like instruments
Bullying or harassment of any kind, including unwelcome invasion of a person’s body space, such as unwelcome pushing, shoving, or hitting
Violence or the threat of violence
Possession or use of alcohol or other drugs


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