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School Closing & Delay

Inclement Weather Closings and Delays

If dangerous or threatening weather is imminent, TFS Administration will determine if The Franciscan School will have a delayed opening, early closing, or closure for the day.  Once a determination has been made, parents will be alerted via the Connect 5 Alert system.  Please be sure that your email addresses/phone numbers have been linked to the system.

If school is delayed in opening due to inclement weather, Bridges Early Morning Care will also be delayed in opening by that given amount of time.  Similarly, if school is dismissed or canceled due to inclement weather, the Bridges After School Care is also canceled for the day.

When it is necessary to close school, delay the opening or release early because of weather or hazardous conditions, a Connect 5 Alert message will be sent via email and/or by phone.  Also announcements will be made on WRAL and WTVD television channels as well as the websites for WRAL, WTVD, and the News and Observer.  This information will also be available on the school's website and on the automated message at ext. 255.

As with all school decisions made at TFS, the administration will always err on the side of student safety in making decisions regarding re-opening following a weather-related closure.  If necessary, make-up days will be taken from designated holiday and summer vacation days (see School Calendar) and announced to TFS families in a timely way.

Cancellation of Events

On days when school is cancelled (for the remainder of the day) or closed, all school events, including those in the afternoon and evening of the day of closure, are also cancelled. This includes sports games and practices and all student and parent after-school activities (choir, Home and School Association meetings, etc.). This policy eliminates the confusion and risk of individuals such as coaches and program supervisors making case-by-case decisions that might conflict directly with a school-wide closure decision made to assure TFS student and adult safety on the day of closure.

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