2020-21 Communications & Resources

Date: January 7, 2021

Topic: TFS Update

Dear TFS Parents and Faculty/Staff,

Happy New Year!!  

I wanted to update you all on several things going forward as we get ready to return in-person after the first week’s virtual return to school.  As we discussed before the break, we will be returning next week with the “normal” in-person schedule and “normal” remote schedule for students doing distance learning or on hybrid schedules (7/8th grades).  The schedule we followed the week of December 14th and the week of January 4th was a special schedule for just these two weeks.   All students will return to the schedules they have had since the beginning of school.

Some reminders as we return:

  • If you have traveled or have been in large groups locally or elsewhere in the past 10 days, please keep the community in mind and remain home if there is a chance your family could have been exposed to COVID-19. I have attached the TFS COVID Honor Code as a refresher on our expectations during these times.
  • Please know we remain having to be masked indoors at all times, except when there are mask breaks. The Diocese has requested that we place special emphasis on “mask discipline” for all, so we will be reminding everyone of how masks should be worn.
  • We remain in cohorts, and we will follow the same daily procedures and schedules as we did before break.
  • We cannot “change-up” cohorts as some have asked because this would put a tremendous amount of work on our staff as they would have to change all of the RenWeb grade books.

Calendar for 2020-21

As a reminder, these are the days we have changed on the calendar for this year:   

  • January 29th  – Now a teacher workday with a retreat in the morning and afternoon workday. No school for students. (During that week of 1/25, 8th grade will be here Wed/Th and 7th Mon/Tue.  This is a change to their on-campus calendar, and a revised copy of that 7/8th calendar will be sent out by Mrs. Dziadul).
  • March 19th – Day off for all.
  • April 23rd – Currently ER because of traditional Faculty/Staff Recognition Day by Parish, but we are making it a ½ workday and ½ recognition. No school for students.
  • May 7th – This date is for Field Day, traditionally.  We probably cannot have Field Day, and this would be a day off for all to do something outside.
  • May 26th – Traditional 8th grade commencement day. Whether we have in-person or a virtual commencement, we will have this as a day for K-7th “asynchronous instruction” and teacher workday.  We will host commencement activities to celebrate the Class of 2021.

The new TFS 2020-21 calendar reflecting these changes is attached to this email again. 


We mentioned before break we had some openings come up recently.  We have addressed several of these openings and please join me in welcoming our new Kindergarten ITA and part-time music teacher to our faculty on Monday, January 11th:

  • Janice McFeeley will be joining the Kindergarten team as a new ITA. Janice might be a familiar face to some as she has subbed with us in the past. She has worked in the Diocese for the past four years as both a teacher assistant and substitute teacher.
  • Heather Hills will be joining us as a part-time music teacher. Heather is currently a private instructor of both the harp and piano. She has worked as a Minister of Music and accompanist for a local church. We are excited for her to share her talents with our young students.

We still are searching for a 7th grade math teacher and have several strong candidates for that position.

Morning Prayer 

Here is the link for Morning Prayer from yesterday and from today. We look forward to seeing you all next week when our 4th grade leads Morning Prayer!

Always remember we are coordinating our plans and protocols with the Diocese of Raleigh, the Wake County Health Department, the NC DHHS, the local triangle Catholic schools, our school task force, as well as the parish and school administrations.  Much thought and effort goes into all of the decisions we make and the policies we put into place. Thanks as always for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this difficult year, and your support of our faculty and staff is much appreciated!  


Mike Watson
Principal of The Franciscan School

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