2021-22 Resources

February 24, 2022

Dear Families,

In the almost two years since we began addressing the COVID pandemic, we have been conscientious and cautious in our handling of the virus because student safety and in-person learning have been our prime motivations.  The reasons we have been so successful with both illness and in-person learning, during the 2020-21 school year and this current year, is due to our adherence to the Strong Schools Toolkit guidance, the dedication and flexibility or our faculty, the skill of our nursing staff, and the faith and support of our families.


We are at the point now, with declining numbers of cases in the state and among our community with a less virulent strain, where we can begin to take steps towards a more normal setting in our school.  I appreciate the feedback from the faculty and parent “Sense of the Community” surveys to give us the perspective of our stakeholders as we make decisions on how we can update our environment to move to a more balanced approach as things improve (Parent survey results here). That balanced approach considered the survey feedback, the prevalence and severity of the virus, the social and emotional effects of masking, the Governor’s press conference recommendations, City of Raleigh requirements, and the changes to the guidance from the NC DHHS on masking. Given all this information and guidance, we are moving to a “mask optional, but encouraged” status starting on Monday, February 28th.  That date was determined by the leadership team of the school and parish in consideration of all aspects of our campus life.


We will work to address the concerns of those families who have apprehensions regarding these changes within the structures of our protocols and the abilities of our facilities and faculty to address the concerns.   We strongly encourage our families to take advantage of the availability of vaccinations as the best way to address the risks of COVID-19.  We are pleased that our student and faculty vaccination rate is significant. We appreciate all that you have done as families to assure the safety of our community. This move towards a return to a much more normal setting will allow our academic success to continue, and improve, and we are excited we have reached this point after all we have all endured the past two years!


Thank you.

Mike Watson, Principal