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The Referral Process & the Educational Team

When a student’s struggles persist in the classroom, despite the implementation of best practices and targeted classroom based  interventions, the classroom teacher will refer the student to the Educational Team.  The Educational Team is made up of the Assistant Principal, the School Counselor, the Learning Specialist and the Classroom Teacher, along with the student’s parents.  Outside tutors, therapists or doctors may also be critical members of the team.Through the analysis of work samples, results of interventions, monitoring of progress, and repeated observations, the Educational Team may recommend that parents/guardians pursue a full psychoeducational evaluation for their child through an outside source such as a state university, private psychologist, or local public school.  Once the evaluation results have been received, the Educational Team will meet to identify and document accommodations, determine the need for the academic support program, and implement strategies to help the student succeed.

TFS Learning Specialists

TFS has two certified Learning Specialists on staff to serve students with diagnosed learning needs in grades K-8. The role of the Learning Specialists include:

  • Pull-out students enrolled in the academic support program up to 2 times per week. Academic Support includes remediation and/or curriculum assistance in a one-on-one or small group setting. This is at no extra cost to the parent/guardian.
  • Assist with the implementation of testing accommodations as needed and feasible.
  • Push-in to assist teachers within the classroom.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers, therapists, and outside tutors to maximize effectiveness of their work with students in need.
  • Read & interpret psychoeducational evaluations / reports.

Please note that in order for students with diagnosed learning needs to remain eligible for accommodations and/or academic support at TFS, psychoeducational evaluations must be kept current (within 3 years).