2020-21 Communications & Resources

Date:  August 5th, 2020

Topic: TFS Update: The Latest Information and Forms

Dear TFS parents and faculty/staff:

I hope each of you remain well and are looking forward to being back in the “swing of things” in 2 weeks! Our last Principal Forum of the summer is scheduled for next Monday, August 10th, at 2:00PM. I invite and encourage you to join me. Please see details below:

Principal Forum 

Monday August 10th, 2020 

2:00 PM 


Meeting ID: 990 7953 7519

Passcode: 9bXukB

Meeting ID: 990 7953 7519

Passcode: 796629

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kw1cafR43

We are closing in on things being finalized across all areas of our campus!  Here are some upcoming events, forms to complete, and reminders:

  • Teachers and staff return next Wednesday August 12th.  We have a week of professional development for our teachers to help prepare them for the upcoming school year!
    • As they start their year, the teachers will be going through the “health attestation” process each day as they arrive.  They will sign in attesting they have no health concerns, and taking their temperature in the reception areas to assure they are not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19; the same process our students will go through as described below.
  • Please read and complete all of the following forms by Thursday, August 13th:

    • COVID-19 Family Honor Code Form We are all in this pandemic together and the Honor Code states the values and expectations we all have to assure our continued ability to provide a safe and smart school environment.

    • Diocesan Media Permission Form This acknowledges that your child may appear on our classroom live streams as we conduct our hybrid learning under Plan B for this school year.  Please note the additional request for permission for use of photography on all TFS social media platforms and our website. We would never schedule media events or put your child on social media without specific permission beyond this form.

    • TFS Attestation Form Each morning we will ask the adult in the car at drop off “if all answers to the health questions on the attestation form would permit the student to be allowed into school today”.   If the answer is affirmative, we will then take the temperatures of all people in the car.  If all temperatures are well below 100F, then you can drop your children at the covered walkway and they can go into school.  If someone has a temperature between 99.5 and 100.5F, we will ask you to park and re-test. Any temperature over 100.5F will require all people in the car to return home.

    • More information on car pool procedures will be coming soon!

  • A reminder that the first three days of school are a staggered start to the year:

    • Wednesday, August 19th, ONLY K-2nd grades are on campus and all online K-2 students will be virtual.

    • Thursday, August 20th, ONLY grades 3rd, 4th, and 7th are on campus and all online 3rd, 4th, and 7th grade students will be virtual.

    • Friday, August 21st, ONLY grades 5th, 6th and 8th are on campus and all online 5th, 6th and 8th grade students will be virtual.

    • Monday, August 24th, will be the first day of the “new normal” schedule for both on-campus and online students.

  • We will share more information, schedules, and answer concerns about our changes to the daily procedures as we finalize things over the next two weeks!

  • NEW FAMILIES! The New Family Playdate sponsored by the HSA has been cancelled for this Saturday.   We will schedule an introduction to the school for our new families, in combination with our new student orientations, on August 17th!  Look for more information in next week’s Tidbits

The faculty, staff, and administration continue to appreciate your support and are looking forward to seeing all of our students again, whether online or in-person!  Thank you for your prayers and enthusiastic support of The Franciscan School faculty and staff!

With much appreciation,

Michael Watson
Principal at The Franciscan School

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