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September 21, 2020

Topic: Important TFS Update: Weekly Mass Schedule and Governor Cooper’s Announcement

Dear TFS parents and faculty and staff:

As we have mentioned, we are excited to be starting our weekly Community Masses this week.  Our plan is to have a single grade attend mass on Wednesday and live-stream the event, as we do on weekends, on the St. Francis parish website here to all out in the community.   The students not attending in person will view the live-stream from their classrooms. To accommodate the celebration of the Eucharist in the schedule, we have generated an alternate Wednesday schedule for all.  For those distance learning, no zoom links need to be changed, you just need to attend at the different times specified below [For those in middle school, Mrs. Dziadul will provide the schedule to you today or tomorrow]:

Wednesday’s Mass schedules.   (No change to the Zoom links, just done at different times.)

8:05 – 8:55                  First period (50 minutes)

9:00- 9:50                    Second period (50 minutes)

10:00-10:45                 Mass in person or streaming K-8th grade in classrooms

10:55- 11:40                Fourth period (45 minutes)

11:45- 12:30                Fifth period (45 minutes)

12:35- 1:20                  Third period (45 minutes)

1:25 – 2:15                  Sixth period (50 minutes)

2:20 – dismissal          Seventh period (~50 minutes in MS and less in K-3)

Attendance of the entire grade will be done while maintaining cohort integrity and distancing. The Parish COVID task force has approved the attendance of 150 people at masses on weekends and we are far below those numbers.  However, if you have concerns, please reach out to me to discuss those concerns.   This week our 7th grade will be attending mass in the Church, and please note that this mass is not able to be attended by parents, parishioners, or people outside the particular grade’s students or faculty.  Sorry that we can’t be more open to a wider audience, but we are operating out of an abundance of caution to protect all.

Some of you have asked how we are affected by Governor Cooper’s press conference announcement last week that elementary school students (k-5th grades) in public schools can attend under Plan A if their districts allow.  I am attending a meeting with the Diocesan Catholic Schools office on this very topic this Wednesday.  As soon as I hear the recommendations of the superintendent and other principals, and after consulting with our school and Parish administration, faculty and staff, and our COVID task force, we will let you know of any decisions that will change our current structure under Plan B.  

As always, thanks for your support of The Franciscan School.

With great gratitude,

Mike Watson, Principal
The Franciscan School

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