Eighth grade students primarily from the STEM and   Creative Computing elective classes took a field trip to the NC State University Design Lab. The students were given a tour of the School of Design labs for architecture, industrial design, textiles, animation, and graphic design. Following the tour, students heard a presentation on the design process that all designers follow then were given the opportunity to put the design process into practice. Small groups were given a description of a person, a problem faced by the person, and a specific product to create that would solve the problem. Utilizing the design process, students made prototypes of their products and presented them to the group. Our students showed great creativity in designing such things as multipurpose pens that had heating and cooling features, shoes that would react to a pressure plate and self-tighten with telescoping hands, and chairs that provided light for studying. All the students were engaged in the process and were proud to present their design ideas to the group.