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                                About TFS                                 

Mission, History, and Vision

Our Mission

Inspired by our patron Francis of Assisi, we seek to proclaim the reign of God by growing in Holiness through our experience of Christ in word, sacrament and one another, offering Hope to those who hunger for human dignity, and extending Hospitality to all.

Our History

The Franciscan School was founded in 2000 and is part of the 35-acre parish campus. We partner with parents to pass on Catholic Christian values to form disciples of Jesus Christ. The school is a ministry of the parish and the 800+ year-old Franciscan tradition.

In August 2000, TFS opened its doors with 320 students. By the end of the fall of 2001, TFS had an enrollment of 462 students. In the summers of 2006 and 2007, the addition of temporary housing (modular classroom units) accommodated the addition of a third section of 6th, 7th and 8th grades, as did the additional staffing requirements. By the fall of 2008, TFS had three sections at all grade levels.

The parish’s Assisi Community Center has dramatically enhanced facilities for TFS indoor athletics and special events since 2010. In addition to the community center, the Saint Mary of the Angels Chapel is a beautiful addition to the campus and is used for daily Mass, as well as special prayer services. The Siena Lifelong Learning Center, which houses the expanded middle school during the day and the growing parish faith formation in the afternoon, evenings, and weekends, has been in use since January 2011.

Today TFS is a vital and growing Kindergarten through grade 8 school of approximately 643 students and 450 families. With 71 faculty and staff, it is one of the largest parish schools in the United States.

Our Vision

Reflecting the unique charism of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, The Franciscan School is dedicated to an education that fosters a Christ-centered way of living and that celebrates the building of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

We believe that community is at the heart of Franciscan education and strive to create a prayerful environment alive with Catholic traditions and Christian values where self-discipline, sensitivity, respect, and personal responsibility are taught and practiced.

We believe that every child at The Franciscan School has the potential to achieve something wonderful and that our family-centered faith formation encourages all in our community to share their time, talent, and treasure and to recognize the value and significance of their gifts in God’s plan for the world.

We believe teaching is a ministry, and our Faculty and Staff reflect this attitude. Our educators share their diverse talents, encourage growth, and recognize that relationships with students and families go far beyond the role of formal education.

We provide an academic curriculum that reflects excellence in all its parts, allows for creative expression, and prepares our children to live in the technological world.

We instill a love of learning, a desire to look for truth with a humble spirit, and a willingness to consider reality from many perspectives while evaluating it with a sense of justice and proportion.

We value diversity and purposefully engage in activities that promote an understanding and an appreciation of all people. We are inspired to awaken and expand the social conscience of our youth so they can fully appreciate what it means to be human and actively participate in the betterment of the human condition.

We foster and celebrate partnership and collaboration among families, teachers, the ministries of the parish, the local community, and the global world.

To model the goodness of St. Francis, we encourage our students, families and teachers to give generously, to forgive even before the asking, and to live as responsible stewards of the church, our society, and the Earth and its resources.

We send forth children knowledgeable of self, rooted in faith, educated in mind, compassionate in heart, and deeply responsive in service to others, especially the poor and the oppressed of our world.