The Franciscan School
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Thank you so much for supporting The Franciscan School!  The Mission for the Home and School Association (H.S.A) is:

  • Welcomes parents, faculty, and parishioners
  • Promotes the spiritual and educational interactions of Home & School
  • Provides grants to teachers to enhance the curriculum for students
  • Offers programs, activities, and information of interest to parents and faculty
  • Provides volunteers for activities and events in and out of the classroom
  • Raises funds to support events and the school overall
  • Creates an appreciation of Catholic education in the spirit of Christian friendship

The HSA Annual Budget funds many events including Earth Day, Field Day, the Art Show, Guest Speakers for General Meetings, 1st Communion Reception, and 8th Grade Graduation Reception (click here for a link to the T.F.S Calendar:

The funds raised in this year’s Fall and Spring Fundraisers will support ongoing educational, cultural, social, and technology programs.  The Home and School Association 2017/18 Fall Fundraising Goal is $85,000.

Based on the Fundraising Survey, we have three fundraising priorities for 2017/18:

  • HSA-Sponsored Activities (Field Day, Earth Day, Athletic Uniforms, etc.)
  • Enhancing the Music/Band program by updating one of the modular classrooms
  • Completion of the Leveled Reading Room program
  • Teacher Grants

The H.S.A. raises funds through two events annually: 

  • Franciscan Experience:  September 28th  – October 8th
    • Fall Fundraising Goal:  $85,000
  • Trivia Night – April 21st, 2018

2016/17 Fundraising Summary:

  • Gross:  $106,000
  • Expenses:  $26,000 (50/50 Raffle distribution, Cost of “Experiences” from Fall Auction, Cost of Ticketed events (Mother/Son Bowling, Father/Daughter Dance, etc.), Trivia Night/Spring Auction)
  • Total Net Funds Raised:  $80,000

How we utilized the funds:

  • $30,000 H.S.A. Operating Budget – overhead for all H.S.A. Sponsored events including Earth Day, Field Day, the Art Show, Guest Speakers for General Meetings, 1st Communion Reception, and 8th Grade Graduation Reception, etc.)
  • $14,000 Chromebooks
  • $2,000 Athletic Uniforms
  • $20,000 Campus Security – Speakers/PA system throughout campus; increased securing measures including registration system at front desk, new lock systems on all doors, etc.
  • $14,000 Teacher Grants (examples include: STEM Kits, Development Reading Assessment (DRA) Kits, Little Bits Technology Kits, Bass Instruments for Music, and Guidance resources for students with anxiety.)