The Franciscan School
Faith, Academics, and Service
The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi

Our Athletic Program 

Mission and Philosophy

Faithful to the mission of The Franciscan School to educate the whole person, the role of physical education, sport, and games at TFS is to:

  • Engender a healthful lifestyle and an enduring love of physical activity
  • Teach and develop basic skills with an emphasis on broad student participation
  • Teach the lessons that grow from teamwork and goal setting
  • Develop leadership and help students cope with adversity and disappointment
  • Appreciate the gifts in others
  • Be welcoming hosts, good sports, and good ambassadors
  • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat

The TFS athletic program exists to promote and integrate Christian values with community, leadership, reverence, and service.  The Athletics program endeavors to develop qualities of good sportsmanship, team building, self-reliance, responsibility, and self-discipline.  At TFS, cooperation and team activity are emphasized.

The TFS Athletic Handbook provides guidelines for student athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators and forms the core of student, coach, and parent orientations.  Click here to open the TFS Athletics Handbook.


Sports Offered

  • Boys’ and Girls’ JV and Varsity Basketball
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer
  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Softball
  • Boys’ Baseball
  • Boys’ Lacrosse
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country


  1. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 who maintain at least a “C” average at all times in each subject in order to try out for a team and to remain eligible.
  2. Team members must be good school citizens with no accumulated Detentions as defined in the Community Handbook.

A student may try out for a team if they are in good academic standing.  Eager for all students to develop in mind, body, and spirit, we encourage all interested students to apply for team membership.  At times, there will be fewer students trying out than required for a full team (starters, substitutes, and back-ups), and at other times there will be an overabundance of applicants for a particular team.  The Athletic Director and coaches strive to ensure that team membership consists of enough players to be competitive and/or will allow for sufficient playing time for all members of the team.

To balance these demands, it may be necessary to limit team membership based on academic achievement, disciplinary standing, athletic ability and sportsmanship.  TFS works hard to make team selection with sensitivity and care, and, while it is often difficult to quantify all of the factors that go into team selection, the following are general guidelines and procedures for the selection process:

  1. There will be adequate notice given for all tryout date opportunities for participants, with the understanding that time frames are short during some seasons.
  2. The coaches will evaluate players’ skills and attitudes to determine which players make the team.  Participants will be chosen based upon their athletic skill, attitude, effort, and ability to compete at the designated level.
  3. The coaches will give their choice of team players to the TFS Athletic Director.
  4. The Athletic Director will post team rosters on the protected school website with those students chosen for the team to be designated by number and not name.


TFS strives to ensure that all activities at the school are undertaken with concern for the students’ health and welfare. To guarantee that these concerns are reflected in the Athletics Program, all students chosen for a team must have a completed physical form on file in the office. These forms will ensure that no physical limitation, obvious to a physician, will hinder the student’s safety or ability to perform those activities demanded by membership on a team. These forms are valid for 365 days from filing in the office, and will be valid for all team participation during that time.