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Letter from the Principal

Dear Prospective Parents and Students,

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in The Franciscan School. My name is Michael Watson, and I am the principal at TFS. I am excited to be serving the students, parents, staff and community associated with the St. Francis of Assisi Parish and The Franciscan School.

As the principal at The Franciscan School, I have three main goals for our school and our faculty, staff, and students. The first goal is to continue to provide a challenging curriculum and maintain high expectations for our students, faculty and staff. Students should be challenged and held accountable to master the necessary skills to not only do well in their classes and excel academically, but, through their experience at TFS, to also be prepared socially and spiritually for high school. For schools to be successful in providing a valuable education, they need to provide the atmosphere where these educational experiences and associated learning can take place. This includes having the skilled adults to guide the students through the process.  Our faculty are here to act not only as teachers, but as models and mentors who provide a safe environment for them to succeed, and to learn from those times they may struggle.  Struggle is a necessary part of the learning process to eventually achieve their successes, because, through those challenges, all of us achieve more by appreciating the hard work and learning that result in our eventual success.

My second goal would be to develop life-long learners, as is highlighted in our Mission and Statement of Values. Education should be about the students learning to love, appreciate, experience and enjoy the world, whether it’s through math, or language arts, or any other subject…or all of them. Education is about the experience of “learning how to learn” and then how to utilize what was learned to have a life that is richer and more diverse than it would be without that education.

The last and most important goal is to create a safe learning environment for all who come to our campus as students and who work at and visit the school. Students and staff deserve a school and work environment where they feel safe and comfortable and where they can garner the experiences and skills to move ahead with self-assurance and expertise. I am confident that all of our students can be successful if they come prepared for school, work hard in the classroom with their teachers to achieve academic mastery, and get involved in their school and Church community to grow in their Faith.

I am looking forward to the 2019-20 school year and reconnecting with our students and parents, faculty and staff, St. Francis community members, and to celebrate our 20th anniversary of providing an excellent Catholic education. If you are a prospective family interested in joining us here at The Franciscan School, please explore our website and contact us with any questions or if you would like to inquire about joining our school and its academic and spiritual focus. This will be an exciting year and I am proud to be a part of it!




Michael Watson

Principal at The Franciscan School