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School Advisory Council

The Pastor and Principal establish a School Advisory Council (SAC) which advises and provides support to the administration of TFS. It is not a governance entity, but strictly advisory.

The School Advisory Council is composed of members selected from the local community who provide input and support to the Principal. School Advisory Council members participate in and contribute to fiscal, academic, and program decisions. Financial recommendations for capital improvements and subsidies are approved by the Parish Finance Council subject to the approval of the Pastor.

Sub-committees of the School Advisory Council, either ad hoc or sub groups, provide information and rationale to the process of policy-making to the larger advisory board. Sub-committees are accountable to the School Advisory Council for the work assigned to them.

The duties of the School Advisory Council are to witness to the educational missions of TFS; assist in developing TFS policies, long-range plans, and ongoing assessment of the school’s educational programs within the context of the total educational mission of the parish without entering into the administrative functions of TFS; aid in the recruitment of personnel for TFS when requested by the Principal or Pastor; assist in developing a TFS budget in collaboration with representative(s) of the Parish Finance Council, and; provide alternate perspectives and views of parish constituencies essential to policy development.

The duties of the School Advisory Council do not include becoming involved with individuals or taking action with respect to issues regarding personnel or individual students.

2017-18 SAC Members

Delynn Alexander  (Chair)
Laura Cartier
Robert Esposito
Michelle Giannini
Mandy Hochbrueckner
Marianne McCarty
Julie Pribyl
Chris Winter
Mike Watson, Principal
Lura Tysiac, Admissions Director
Colette Dziadul, AP and administrative representative
Rob Neppel, Finance Director
Father Steve Patti, Pastor