The Franciscan School has a new “We Rock” garden on campus, located in the circular garden in front of Jacoba Hall. Our new beautiful rock garden started with the idea of one person, 5th grade teacher, Ms. Stacey Kababik. She discovered the book Only One You written by Linda Kranz, which inspires children to use their uniqueness to make the world a better place.

Ms. Kababik found a picture of a rock garden activity that coincided with the book and shared the book with Mrs. Laureen Wacenske, TFS’s guidance counselor. Having started an anti-bullying campaign called “We Rock” a few years ago, Mrs. Wacenske thought it would be a great activity for our entire school to participate in. “We Rock …. We aRe Offering Christ’s Kindness” is the slogan for the school’s anti-bullying campaign, which was created with the goal of keeping all students safe and seizing the opportunity to teach respect and kindness towards all…striving to live and love as Jesus did.

Last year all students participated in the Only One You rock project in their art classes and were led by our two incredible art teachers, Mrs. Maureen Cesari and Miss Kayla Kaeding, to create a fish from a rock using acrylic paints. The Home and School Association supported the idea and funded the money needed for the supplies.

Thanks to the 1st Grade Howlin’ T-Wolves Y Guides, who placed all the students’ rocks in the circular garden in front of Jacoba Hall just a few weeks ago. This group of 1st graders did a great job moving the rocks and placing them to look as if the fish are swimming with their grades. Thanks also to our wonderful art teachers who helped to see this project from beginning to end and to all the students who so creatively painted the rocks. May this unique rock garden serve as a reminder of how we celebrate the unique holiness in each other and strive as a school to offer students a safe and caring place to thrive.