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Tuition and Assistance

Serving the Entire Parish

As the Education Ministry of the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi, the St. Francis pre-school and The Franciscan School are the parish schools for St. Francis of Assisi parish.  We make a strong commitment to being able to serve all those in our parish who are seeking an education in a Catholic Environment with a Franciscan dedication to serving others.  To meet this commitment, the parish and TFS provide significant need-based financial aid for families to be able to attend our school.  We do this in the desire to assure that there are no parish students not afforded this Catholic educational opportunity because of limited financial means. Indeed, TFS was founded in 2000 with a commitment to making a Franciscan School education available to all students regardless of family financial means. In the 2018-19 academic year, over $370,000.00 in financial aid was awarded.  These tuition assistance resources come from three sources: a dedicated St. Francis of Assisi parish tithe, from endowed funds set up at the School’s founding solely for this purpose, and the Diocese of Raleigh’s God’s Work our Challenge endeavor. We are grateful for this commitment that allowed us to respond to each request.

Should tuition costs, changing family circumstances, or the enrollment of a second or third child at TFS strain the monthly budget beyond its limit, parents are strongly encouraged to reach out to our Coordinator of Admissions, Lura Tysiac at, or the TFS Bookkeeper, Donna Sincock at, for FACTS information that will guide them through an online tuition assistance application process.  The TFS need-based tuition assistance application process is straightforward and uncomplicated, and we are happy to help with that process.

In addition to our funds for tuition assistance, we encourage families to access Scholarship & Tuition Assistance available through the Diocese and outside agencies as well.  Some of these can be found here:

  • North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship and Disabilities Grant Programs: The Franciscan School is a participant in these programs. For more information regarding these programs, please visit Opportunity Scholarships.  The Opportunity Scholarship Program expands school choice in North Carolina through scholarship grants for eligible children in kindergarten through 12th grade. This program provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible children who choose to attend a participating nonpublic school.The open application period for the Opportunity Scholarship is February 1st through March 1st.  The open application period guidelines are strictly adhered to, so any applications received outside of the open application period will not be considered.
  • The Diocese of Raleigh Office of African Ancestry Ministry & Evangelization (AAMEN) and Native American Catholic Community:  Over the years, the AAMEN office has provided funds to the Catholic Schools of the Diocese. The funds for the awards come from the Black & Indian Missions grant awarded to the AAMEN office. For more information on how to apply, please visit Diocese of Raleigh.  Choose the item “Tuition Assistance Application for K-12 Catholic Schools”.  Contact Mrs. Lauren Green at for further information on the African American scholarship.  The open application period for the scholarship is January 28 – March 18.

The Franciscan School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, or gender. It does not discriminate on the basis of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of its admissions, employment, or educational programs or policies. The Catholic Schools Office, in compliance with federal law, annually publishes notice of nondiscrimination in the NC Catholic.

Tuition Rates

All families agree to pay the Full Cost Tuition Rate per child unless notified of eligibility for the Steward Rate as approved by the Pastor.

  • Full Cost:  A family who is non-Catholic.
  • Catholic Participating Member of a Parish (other than St. Francis) in the Diocese of Raleigh: A Catholic family registered in a Catholic parish, who has submitted a Pastor Recommendation Form, signed by their pastor.
  • St. Francis of Assisi Parish Steward Rate:  The Parish Steward Rate is offered to Catholic registered parishioners who support our parish community with their time, talent, and with identifiable financial contributions at a level commensurate with their means through a parish tithe. This discount is determined after a review by the pastor of the annual Family Stewardship Form.

The Family Stewardship Form can be accessed and submitted on the parish website at:

Sibling Discounts

For families with more than one child enrolled at The Franciscan School, each child receives a $200 sibling tuition discount, including the first child.

2019-20 Tuition Rates (2% Increase)