At The Franciscan School, we journey through Catholic Social Justice Teaching lessons with our students, helping them learn how they can share their gifts with those in need. Our students in K-8th grade commit to studying and living out the seven Catholic Social Teaching principles and participate in monthly lessons and service to the community.

Last month, TFS students learned about the principle of Rights and Responsibilities. There are things that people on earth must have to live, such as food, work, shelter, clothing and medical care. There are many people without these “rights” and it is our “responsibility” to help them obtain them. Recently TFS parent, Chris Winter, who works for Living Water International, joined us at morning prayer. Mr. Winter spoke about the responsibility we have to use our voices for the voiceless who are without the rights we have. Mr. Winter described conditions in underdeveloped countries where children walk up to a mile or more each day to obtain clean water for themselves and their family, which often prevents them from attending school.

The following week, our students had an opportunity to participate and reflect in a “walk for water” and experience what is reality for children around the world who have to obtain water from sources miles from home. Our students began the water walk by praying to St. Teresa of Avila, then carried 5 gallon cans filled with water along a .12 mile course, learning various water facts along the way.

As we rejoice in the miracle of Easter, it’s a good time to reflect on our blessings and opportunities we have to share with those in need. Our faculty and staff share faith with our students and help teach and prepare them to walk in this world with hope and spread kindness as they do it.