Middle School Advisory

Purpose of Advisory Program

The middle school advisory programs purpose is to equip students with academic, social and emotional life skills that foster individual wellbeing and promote a healthy faith based community connection.

Through a variety of lessons and activities, faculty will empower the students with life enhancing themes that will address developmentally appropriate needs and concerns.

Advisory time will allow students to foster relationships with faculty and peers, providing an opportunity to grow together. Students will be engaged in topics such as Digital Citizenship, Service Learning, Fostering a Respectful Community, Leadership, Self-Advocacy, Growth Mindset, Life Balance and Personal Choice. A complete education encompasses not only academic discipline, but also expanded awareness of self, social interactions and the world.

What to Expect


A designated advisory time each week allows teachers to connect with a group of students to provide academic and social-emotional support and to strengthen the community of the school.

The objectives of an advisory group are to:

  • Support students in building positive, meaningful relationships with one or more caring adults at school
  • Help students develop positive relationships with their peers
  • Provide a safe place for students to strengthen their academic and social-emotional competencies and explore their interests more deeply

    nurture the development of new skills and talents

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