School Counseling

tfs-school-couselingThe counseling program at The Franciscan School aims to support students in having the best school experience possible. If there are emotional or social issues having a negative impact on a student’s ability to learn, the school counselor will work with the student to help him or her to be successful.

Counseling for students at The Franciscan School includes individual counseling for a set amount of time, small group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons. Students may be self-referred or referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.


The school counselor is also an integral member of a student’s educational team and assists in providing observations and writing behavioral plans. As well as consulting with teachers and partnering with parents to reinforce positive school behaviors. And to help address student problems as they affect a child’s learning.

In addition, the school counselor serves as a liaison between The Franciscan School and outside resources to include when outside assessing is needed to determine how best to serve a child. After testing is completed, the counselor communicates special needs to the appropriate teacher and works with the Educational Support Team to provide support and assistance.


Laureen Wacenske, School Counselor

919.534.4837 ext. 314