A Logical Path: Alumni Spotlight: Meg Daly (11’)

Some people just know what they want to do at a very young age. They may need some reassurance along the way, but their career choice is often something they are passionate about. One of those people is TFS Alumna, Meg Daly. Daly has always had a knack for logical reasoning, so it was very natural that she set her mind to becoming a lawyer. And as she finishes up her third year in law school at the University of North Carolina School of Law, Daly anticipates with excitement her first days of practicing law.

As a student at TFS from kindergarten through 8th grade, Daly had the full experience of all our
school has to offer. “TFS means so much to me,” Daly says. “It is where I spent most of my time
in what were probably the most formative years of my life.” Daly credits TFS for not only providing a solid education, but also for helping her develop her own core values. She believes this has remained important and relevant to her as she enters the working world. Sport teams and field trips also played a role in Daly’s positive experience at TFS, providing memories she continues to cherish.

As Daly traveled beyond the doors of TFS through high school and college, her teachers at TFS
continued to impact her life. One in particular, Carolyn Moser, served as a mentor to Daly,
helping her succeed in difficult subjects and modeling how to always be kind and loving. Daly
also believes each teacher, from Kindergarten to 8th grade, helped mold her into the person she
is today: “Truly, the list of teachers at TFS who had an impact on my life is endless!”

Daly now is set to graduate law school in the spring. Her parents have supported and encouraged her through every season, and especially as she follows her dream of being a lawyer. She is looking forward to using her skill set to impact the greater good, and she hopes that brings her to a new city. She wants to share with current TFS students that “while so much will change in your life, which is a beautiful thing, make sure you’re always staying true to yourself. And enjoy the time you have at TFS; these days will fly by and you will one day miss them!”

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