Inside the Classroom: Ann Giannini

When the doors to The Franciscan School opened in 2000, 4th grade teacher Ann Giannini was one of the original teachers who helped create the school’s mission statement, choose curriculum, and be a part of the first accreditation. The first few years were buzzing with excitement and energy for Giannini and the school. “Being at TFS when the school opened was exciting because we felt we were in the midst of something very special,” says Giannini. Her kids, Michelle and David, were also part of the school’s opening, attending the inaugural 5th and 7th grades. Giannini was thrilled to be teaching at a Catholic school while her children benefited from a Catholic education with a Franciscan charism.

Giannini came to TFS with a background and experience in teaching. Before moving to Raleigh in 1999, Giannini taught for eight years in Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. She received her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and her master’s degree in teaching from Webster University. One of the things that continues to motivate Giannini each year is trying new things. She enjoys incorporating music, technology and projects into her instruction, which also keeps her students on their toes. 3588CEE5-2624-45F4-B83F-5BA59AC0EB8B

After a few years at home while her kids were active in high school, Ann returned back to 4th grade at TFS and continues to be a part of the school’s rich history. Giannini has a deep love for educating and pouring into the lives of her 4th graders. “To me, fourth graders are the perfect age. They are inquisitive and curious, which makes them easy to motivate and have a contagious energy that makes you smile,” says Giannini. For the last five years, Giannini has incorporated flexible seating into her classroom, which enables the kids to choose their own seat and move around. She has found her students love it, and it helps keep them focused on tasks.

One of the most exciting times of the year for fourth graders is the “Geology Rocks” musical that Giannini directs. For the last 12 years, Giannini has incorporated this musical to enhance the geology portion of 4th grade. Those students finishing 3rd grade look forward to 4th grade and the opportunity to be in this show. Giannini also loves the tradition of the annual Old Salem field trip each year where students get to experience aspects of North Carolina’s history. 

TFS is blessed to have a passionate, dedicated teacher like Ann Giannini in the classroom with our 4th grade students. And as one of the last original teachers, she is a gift to our school. Thank you, Ann!

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