Inside the Classroom: Jameson White

TFS Music Teacher Jameson White has dedicated his life to music. As an accomplished
musician and music educator, music has been an instrumental part of his life since he was a
child. “Music is my outlet,” says White. “Music allows me to express myself in ways that words
cannot. It always warms my heart to pass the knowledge I acquired to the next generation.”

White graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, as
well as from Liberty University with a master’s degree in Music Education. He has also
completed 24 credit hours of a Ph.D. in Music Education from Liberty University. Prior to coming
to TFS, White began his music teaching career at a public school in Aurora, N.C, followed by
being a substitute teacher at Ravenscroft School and a music teacher for a charter school in
Wake County. He has been an adjunct instructor at Pitt Community College since 2019,
teaching music subjects like Music Appreciation, American Music, Jazz Band, and the Gospel
Choir. White has served as a private instructor, studio musician, gospel musician, jazz musician,
and traditional musician since 2008.

The Franciscan School has been blessed with the gifts and passion of White as our K-8th grade
Music teacher since March 2022, and he has brought his love and dedication of music to the
classrooms at TFS. For grades K-4th grade, White teaches general music concepts, while
moving to more ensemble-oriented classes for 5th-8th grade.

White begins each class with an opener to get students excited about the material, finding ways
to make the material both interesting and relevant for their lives. “I keep each student engaged
by changing up my activities and teaching them cool and exciting things about composers and
artists,” says White. He values relationship-building as one of the most helpful tools in the
classroom, getting to know what students are interested in and creating tailored lessons that
keep them involved.

White credits his inspiration to be a music educator and his successes in music to his own
music teachers while a child. He grew up playing music in church, and music was his safe
space throughout his middle school and high school years. He wants to create that same safe
space for the students at TFS. “It is my goal to help students learn the power of music,” shares

We are blessed to have White on our staff, sharing his love of music with our students!

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