Looking Back: Class of 2020

We all remember those early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we received calls and emails about missed trips, seasons canceled, and schools going virtual. In-person life, as we knew it, shut down. For the TFS Class of 2020, the ending to middle school looked much different than they ever expected.

“What I remember most was just the amount that we didn't know,” shares Class of 2020 President Noah Langbo, “about anything with COVID-19, and the fact that what started as a couple of weeks off of school would turn into years.” The faculty and staff at TFS worked diligently to ensure that the effect of the pandemic on students’ learning was minimized. Former 8th-grade teacher Carolyn Moser said, “We had come so far and were anxious to end the year together, celebrating all the class had accomplished.”

Zoom classes took the place of in-person classes, but it was certainly not a replacement for being together at school. When thinking about how to end the year well, School Counselor Laureen Wacenske admits the team “really had to think outside of the box as the pandemic robbed us of many of our beloved traditions, especially regarding graduation.” The staff drove to every 8th grader’s home to place graduation signs in their front yards. They also hosted a “drive-through” graduation where all the teachers lined the parking lot, waving goodbye to the students.

Despite all these changes and missed opportunities, the Class of 2020 showed remarkable resilience. “If nothing else,” says Langbo, “the Class of 2020 learned to bounce back and fall forward, not back.” Wacenske describes this class as “leaders and high achievers, caring, resilient, innovative, and compassionate.”

A few months ago, TFS hosted a reunion for the Class of 2020 as they did not properly celebrate their graduation. They shared plans for colleges and careers and laughed and cried about memories from years past. Moser said, “I am even more certain that this wonderful group of students are true survivors!  Nothing could ever keep them down- they are meant to soar and make a difference in the world.”

We couldn’t be prouder of this group and excited to see the new heights they will reach. Even something as difficult as the pandemic did not prevent these students from accomplishing goals and being energized for the future. The mountains await you!







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