Alumni Spotlight: Zachery Winslow '11


Meet Zachery Winslow, one of our 2011 TFS graduates. Zach came to TFS in 2007 and stayed for five
years. During his time here, he learned valuable skills that translate into his career today. Zach is
a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent currently assigned to the Presidential Protective Division.
He safeguards the nation’s highest office by working alongside the President, implementing
advanced security protocols, and aiding in pivotal diplomatic missions worldwide. His journey,
rooted in the values instilled during his time at our school, began humbly in 4th grade, shaping
the trajectory of his admirable career.

“TFS holds a significant place in my heart as it was where I underwent substantial personal growth,”
shares Zach. He enjoyed playing as a Timberwolf on the lacrosse and cross-country teams, and some of
his favorite memories were formed from the camaraderie of the sports teams. He also believes the
school helped form his faith as an adult. “The religious education cultivated by the connection with Saint
Francis of Assisi Church was meaningful to me,” says Zach.

Zach speaks highly of many of his TFS teachers. “Numerous teachers at TFS left a lasting impact on me,”
shares Zach. “Mr. Gorman's music class, Mrs. Putman's social studies lessons, Ms. Kowite's language arts instruction, and Mrs. Moser's engaging science classes all challenged me to expand my horizons academically and personally.”

After graduating from TFS, Zach’s family relocated to Colorado where he attended Grandview High
School and remained actively involved in sports and balancing various part-time jobs. From there, Zach
attended the University of Wyoming and received a bachelor’s degree in finance. He served as Vice
President of the Finance Club held membership in the Ethics Club and participated in several
conferences. He also held internships at organizations like Crescent Point Energy, Oppenheimer Funds,
and The Wyoming Technology Business Center.

While Zach was initially drawn to investment banking and management consulting, he decided he
wanted to engage in a meaningful career in government service. After a rigorous hiring process, Zach
became a Special Agent, first in the Los Angeles Field Office where he led financial investigations that
helped recover millions of fraudulently acquired funds. Zach’s training and experience have helped him
tackle a spectrum of responsibilities, from conducting intricate financial investigations to orchestrating
seamless protective operations for the President and Vice President of the United States.

This year, Zach moved to Washington, D.C. where he works alongside the President. Zach continues to
see his career aspirations center on continued growth and impact within the Secret Service, and perhaps
in a foreign field office or remaining in D.C. at headquarters.

Outside of work, Zach enjoys renovating his home, improving his passion for cooking and baking, staying
active through workouts, and enjoying the outdoors. He wants to encourage current TFS students to
embrace involvement in a variety of activities. “Whether in elementary school or beyond, engagement
fosters personal growth, broadens your perspective, and facilitates meaningful connections with

Thank you for protecting those leading our country, Zach!

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