A TFS Family Affair

If you were to ask someone at The Franciscan School what makes our school special, they would more
than likely respond with “the community” as one of their top answers. While we believe this to be very
true, there is an even deeper level to the term “community” here: several multi-generations of families
and couples have chosen to serve as faculty and staff together.

TFS is most certainly a Family Affair.

Our school has been blessed by mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives who
have a passion for caring for our students and making our school the best it can be. Many of these teachers
and staff members have also had or currently have students at the school.

For the last 24 years, Cristina Gautier, 3rd grade teacher, says “TFS has definitely become my second
home filled with loving and supportive friends and colleagues.” Cristina is the daughter of Marie Leone,
who retired in 2018 from 19 years of service at TFS. Her sisters also served at the school and church
during her time. Her brother, Joe, has currently serves as the school’s Maintenance Technician
and Facilities Manager for the last 17 years. “I’ve been very lucky to work alongside my brother and
sisters during the years,” shares Gautier. “TFS cultivates a feeling of family, so when opportunities arise,
when you actually get to work with multiple members of your family, it truly brings out the spirit of

For Ed and Celina Manville, working for TFS together “is a reflection of God’s providence and love for
which we are so grateful.” Celina joined the school in 2015 as the K-5 Learning Specialist, and Ed
followed seven years later in 2022 as the 5th-6th grade Religion Teacher. They both bring a wealth of
expertise and educational experience to TFS. Ed and Celina recently celebrated their 30th wedding
anniversary, and they shared that this last year working alongside each other has been one of the most
joy-filled of those years. “TFS has a beautiful history of family members who work here together or
alumni who come back to teach,” shares Celina. “It shows that this special place is truly a spiritual home
to all blessed to come.”

Anyone connected with TFS knows Laureen Wacenske, K-5 School Counselor. Laureen has been with the
school since it opened, and what a blessing she has been. She has lovingly cared for and advocated for
each of our students, providing havens of hope, joy, and comfort. She also brought along her son, Matt, who attended TFS from Kindergarten through 8th grade when she started teaching. And now, after
many years serving in the police force, on the SWAT Team, and protecting schools, Laureen’s husband,
Jeff has joined the team at TFS. “When children feel safe, they can direct 100% of their energy into
learning. I know firsthand Jeff’s commitment to keeping communities safe, especially those with children.”

Laureen and Jeff are enjoying their time together on staff. “Laureen has built an incredible reputation at
TFS, and because of that, she has made my job a true joy,” says Jeff. “The atmosphere created at TFS is
joyful and respectful. The faculty and staff are genuinely happy at TFS, making it a desired workplace and attracting quality personnel.” Laureen shares that of their new time working together, “TFS is our extended family. Roots firmly established over these past 24 years are growing deeper and wider. I have no doubt our years at TFS will be one of the biggest blessings in our professional lives and our marriage, just as it has been in our parenting.”

TFS is the place it is today because of the genuine love of Christ shared amongst our students, faculty,
and staff. We couldn’t be prouder of these teachers and staff members who have made our school A
Family Affair.

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