Game, Set, Match

From his kindergarten classroom at TFS to his current pursuit of the rigors of dental school, Michael Moody believes the character traits that are instilled early are the ones that stay with you for a lifetime.

Some of the things I learned at TFS that I still use today are to always have a good work ethic, believe in your faith in Jesus, and to always treat others like you want to be treated,” Moody shares.

Moody was part of TFS throughout elementary and middle school, and then attended Millbrook High School where he completed the International Baccalaureate program. After graduation, he pursued his undergraduate education at Hampden-Sydney College and majored in biology and minored in chemistry in May 2020. In addition to a grueling academic schedule, Moody was also a four-year varsity tennis player — three of the years, serving as team captain.

Today, Moody works at NuImage Surgical and Dental Implant Center as a clinical assistant and is in the process of applying to dental school. However, his years at TFS left him with memories he still carries with him today.

“Some of my fondest memories at TFS had to be the countless sporting events I got to participate in with some great teammates while in middle school. My greatest elementary school moments were our yearly Field Days,” Moody remembers.

Beyond his time on the courts, Moody credits numerous TFS teachers for having a significant impact on his development.

“One staff member that had an extreme impact on my life was Jerome Friedman, father of a classmate, Vince, and our basketball coach throughout middle school,” Moody says. “Another influential faculty member was Chris Cadran who was my math teacher for two years and my baseball coach. My religion teacher during my first communion in second grade, Miss Barbara Smelter, was also extremely influential.”

After his many years at the school, Moody is quick to recommend TFS to any parent considering a Catholic education.

“TFS is a great place to entrust with the education of your kids – not just academically but for personal growth,” he says. “It is a place that from the beginning teaches the right morals, the importance of hard work, and how to be a good peer.”

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