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“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have; God is pleased by sacrifices of that kind.” Hebrews 13:16

When the Franciscan School was founded on the vision of Father Dan Kenna, there was the belief that a quality Catholic education should be available to as many parishioners as possible, regardless of financial availability. For many of the founding years, the tithe from the St. Francis parish provided tuition assistance for families at TFS and St. Francis Preschool. Funds from the tithe, grants, and donations from other parishioners helped ensure finances were not limiting a family’s ability to access the quality education at TFS. Despite these efforts, there began a rising demand for financial help with school activities and resources when families faced financial hardships. 

Seeing this demand rise, former TFS Principal Mike Watson established the Timberwolf Fund during the 2018-2019 school year to formalize the donation process for financial assistance that would help bolster available funds for families. “The idea was to start with the approach in place elsewhere and then improve it,” says Watson. He shares that the Fund first set out to accomplish three goals: to increase funds for financial assistance that would provide options for all families; to increase recognition that TFS and the preschool are the two Parish Education Ministry offerings for the general parish participation in Catholic education; and to begin the transition of the traditional TFS fundraising efforts towards an ‘Annual Fund’ model. 

The first few years of the Fund helped increase assistance for families and provide general parish participation. Starting with the 2019-20 school year, the Fund began providing thousands of dollars to families to assist with costs at the school. Those donations came from TFS families and the general parish population through specific bequeaths, donations, and ‘Faith Direct’ donations. 

Today, the Fund continues to help every student participate in all that TFS offers. This could include assisting families with grade-level trips, athletic fees, or additional educational resources. This is always done with the utmost confidentiality, and Principal Dawn Smith, with her team, evaluates the needs brought to them and provides assistance when appropriate. 

Smith shares the importance of the Timberwolf Fund today: “We have done our best to never deny a family assistance who has expressed a need. It is very important to us that all families - regardless of years at TFS, affiliation to the church, or socioeconomic status - feel confident that their students can have the full TFS experience.”

Many families are at TFS and the St. Francis Preschool because they can access the generous support of the St. Francis Parish and fellow school families for those in need. Watson says, “I’m proud the Timberwolf Fund is an additional resource to ensure Father Dan Kenna’s vision continues today.”

Any family can donate at any time to the Timberwolf Fund account to support current and additional families.

Support your Timberwolves now!

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